ProTek Devices maintains a worldwide network of Authorized Distributors and Manufacturers Representatives.

Alcom Electronics B.V.
Alcom Electronics N.V.
AMCO HighTech AB
  • Territory: Sweden
Ameri-Tek Korea Co., Ltd.
Bomberg & Company ApS
Communica Ltd.
CompTronic AB
Convergent Technical Sales, Inc.
  • Territory: USA: AR, LA, OK & TX
Customer 1st
El-Gev Electronics Ltd.
Elwet AG
Endrich Bauelementa Vertriebs GmbH
ImaxTech Electronics Sdn Bhd
Inelco Hunter Ltd.
KTL Corporation
Linntronics AS
Max Bright C & C Company
Melchioni spa
Northern California Technical Sales
  • Territory: USA: N-CA
OY Flinkenberg AB
Prana Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
  • Territory: India
Prime Semitech, Inc.
Pro Rep Solutions, Inc.
Quantek, Co., Ltd.
R.O. Whitesell & Associates
  • Territory: USA: AL, GA, IL-N, IN, KY, MEX, MI, MS, NC, OH, PA-W, S
  • Web:
Rosen Associates, Inc.
  • Territory: USA: ME, NH, VT, MA & RI
Seamax Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Sinus Electronic Vertriebs GmbH
Solomon Technology Corporation
Superior Technical Solutions Corporation
TE Australia Pty. Ltd.
Wes-K Raltech
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