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ProTek offers over-current protection products that are designed to protect consumer electronics, computers and telecommunications equipment from the risk of fire or shock caused by over-currents or overtemperature faults. Current is interrupted in a controlled manager to avoid damage to circuit components and is allowed to fail gracefully. These devices are available in ceramic/glass/polymer packages and have excellent environmental performance.

  • Ceramic, Glass and Polymer Packages
  • Halogen-Free
  • Slow Blow/High Inrush or Fast Acting Fuses
  • MIL-STD-202 Compliant
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
Product Series Description
PF0402F Series Fast Acting Chip Fuses
PF0603F Series Fast Acting Chip Fuses
PF0603H Series High Inrush Chip Fuses
PF0603S Series Slow Blow Chip Fuses
PF1206F Series Fast Acting Chip Fuses
PF1206H Series High Inrush Chip Fuses
PF1206S Series Slow Blow Chip Fuses
PLRO1206 Series Polymer PTC Devices
PLRO1210 Series Polymer PTC Devices
PMPS-1812 Series Polymer PTC Device
PMPS-E-1206 Polymer PTC Devices
PMPS020-FH-1206 Polymer PTC Devices
PMPS075-1812 Polymer PTC Devices
PMPS150-1812 Polymer PTC Devices
PMPS150E-1206 Polymer PTC Devices
PMPS200-1812 Polymer PTC Devices
PMPS200D-1210 Polymer PTC Devices
PMPS260C-1812 Polymer PTC Devices
PMPS380E-1206 Polymer PTC Devices
PSFRV600-150B Polymer PTC Thermistor
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