Release Date: August 18 2017
Polymer PTC Thermistor

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• Transmission Equipment: Central Office Linecard, DLC Linecard, NGN Linecard, MSAN Linecard, FTTx Linecard
• Customer Premise Equipment (CPE): IAD-VoDSL, ATA, STB, VoIPGW, VoCable, Wireless VoIP Router, PC Telephony Card
• PBX and Other Switches
• Main Distribution Frames
• Building Enterance Equipment
• Station Protection Modules


• High Voltage Endurance
• Low Parasitic Capacitance, Flat Impedance with Frequency
• RoHS Compliant
• UL Certificate (File No.: E305346)
• Fast Response Time
• Lead-Free Solder Termination
• Low Resistance


Package # of Leads Lead-Free RoHS\WEEE Compliant Order Suffix
Radial Lead 2 Yes Yes N/A
Series Name Revision Date Revision No. View Datasheet
PSFRV600-150B August 18 2017 0 Click Here!

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