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Key Features

ProTek offers three types of Modules and/or Components: AC Power, DC Power and Data Line. In addition, ProTek's modules are designed to meet surge, line to ground, and line to line immunity requirements - IEC 61000-4-5.

ProTek's AC Power products provide 2-stage lightning protection for Military and Commercial applications such as Aircraft, Shipboard and Industrial Monitoring Equipment.

ProTek's DC Power products provide protection against long duration switching transients for Military and Commercial applications such as Drive Motors and Controls, MIL-STD-1275 Power Bus and mobile electronics operating in harsh environments.

ProTek's Data Line products provide single and multiple line protection for both low and high frequency applications in a variety of packages. These devices are ideal for use in Industrial Control and Monitoring Systems, Security Alarm Systems and Data/Telecommunications Equipment.

  • Multiline/Port Protection
  • Bidirectional and Unidirectional Configurations
  • High Power Protection
  • Wide Variety of Operating Voltages
  • Ideal for Both Military and Commercial Applications
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