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Our Mission

ProTek Devices is committed providing products and services, which meet or exceed all specified and implied standards of performance, quality, and reliability. Our ISO 9001:2015, Quality Control System has been designed to support this philosophy. Our objective is to provide continuous value and satisfaction to our customers by:

Raising the Bar

Establishing key performance objectives that are continuously monitored and improved


Fostering quality awareness in all employees throughout every level of our organization.


Promoting responsibility, teamwork and quality of workmanship among our employees and suppliers.

Meeting Expectations

Striving to build innovative, high-quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations.


Meeting the requirements set forth by ISO 9001 as well as MIL-PFR-19500, MIL-STD-750 and MIL-STD-105 standards.

Higher Integration

Developing strong relationships with Suppliers who consistently meet our standard of quality for goods and services.

Quality Documents

Helpful quality related documents and certificates

Failure Analysis

To help verify a product problem and to effectively determine what corrective action may be necessary, please fill out the Failure Analysis Request Form. Our quality department will review your request. Customer Serive will assign a tracking number and provide instructions on how to ship your product to ProTek Devices.

Product Returns

Please follow the step-by-step processing for all product returns. When you need to return a ProTek Devices shipment for credit or replacement, please do the following:

  1. Contact a Protek Devices customer service representative
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Purchase Order Number or ProTek Sales Order Number
    • Part Number
    • Date Code
    • Lot Number
    • Date of Shipment
    • Quantity to Return
    • Reason for Return
    • Supporting documentation or pictures
  3. Once approved, return to the following address. Please include the RMA number with the return shipment.
    • ProTek Devices
    • Attn: Quality Department - Returns
    • 2929 South Fair Lane
    • Tempe, Arizona 85282
    • USA

Product Change Notice

The following product(s) are new or have been revised within the last 60 days.

Product Series Rev. Number Rev. Date
SM30KWExxA/CA Series 4 June 27 2022
587BLP 120V Series 10 June 27 2022
SM15KWExxA/CA Series 13 June 27 2022
587BLP 240V Series 8 June 27 2022
587BLPE Series 9 June 27 2022
587B 120V Series 8 June 24 2022
587B 240V Series 7 June 24 2022
SMBJ Series 13 June 16 2022
PAM03SD23xxCI Series 7 June 14 2022
30KPA Series 48 June 14 2022
SMAJ Series 15 June 14 2022
SMDJ Series 9 June 6 2022
PAM1CAN 8 June 6 2022
PAM33DOABxxA/CA Series 12 June 6 2022
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