Key Features

High Powered

ProTek offers three types of Modules: AC Power, DC Power and Data Line. In addition, ProTek’s modules are designed to meet surge, line to ground, and line to line immunity requirements – IEC 61000-4-5.

ProTek’s AC POWER products provide 2-stage lightning protection for Military and Commercial applications such as Aircraft, Shipboard and Industrial Monitoring Equipment.

ProTek’s DC POWER products provide protection against long duration switching transients for Military and Commercial applications such as Drive Motors and Controls, MIL-STD-1275 Power Bus and mobile electronics operating in harsh environments.

ProTek’s DATA LINE products provide single and multiple line protection for both low and high frequency applications in a variety of packages. These devices are ideal for use in Industrial Control and Monitoring Systems, Security Alarm Systems and Data/Telecommunications Equipment

Product Line

Safeguard Your Interface

5646100KS200CNHShipboard/AC Power Bus Voltage Suppressor100ks200cnh.pdf
502315KP Series15kW Power Axial Leaded TVS Component15kp.pdf
5060232B & 232EIndustrial Computer 2 Stage Data Line TVS Protector232e_b.pdf
5053420E SeriesDual 4-20mA Control Loop TVS Protector420e2.pdf
5048420LB & 420LETwo Line Pair 4-20mA Control Loop TVS Protector420le_b.pdf
5046422B & 422E2 Stage Data Process Line TVS Protector422e_b.pdf
5038422ELCDigital Process 2 Stage Data Line TVS Protector422elc.pdf
5039485ELCHigh Speed Ethernet 2 Stage Data Line TVS Protector485elc.pdf
5016587B 120V Series120V AC Power Line Surge Suppressor587b120v.pdf
5047587B 240V Series240V AC Power Line Surge Suppressor587b240v.pdf
5040587BLP 120V SeriesLow Profile 120V AC Power Line Surge Suppressor587blp.pdf
5057587BLP 240V SeriesLow Profile 240V AC Power Line Surge Suppressor587blp2.pdf
5064587BLPE SeriesLow Profile 240V AC Power Line Surge Suppressor587blpe.pdf
502660 & 90KS SeriesShipboard/AC Power Bus Voltage Suppressor60_90ks.pdf
5021704 SeriesHigh Power Aircraft/Vehicle DC Power Bus Voltage Suppressor704.pdf
5661704P SeriesHigh Power Aircraft/Vehicle DC Bus Voltage Suppressor704p.pdf
5028GPZ1275High Energy Extended Pulse TVSgpz1275.pdf
5465GPZ1275B60KHigh Energy Extended Pulse TVSgpz1275b60k.pdf
5291GPZ532High Energy Extended Pulse TVSgpz532.pdf
5578PHCR SeriesHigh Powered TVS Componentphcr.pdf
5027PHP & PIP SeriesAC Power Bus Voltage Suppressorphp.pdf
5583PNH1275 & PNH1275BHigh Energy - Extended Pulse TVSpnh1275.pdf
5654PNH704270A & PNH704270CA SeriesHigh Energy Extended Plus TVSpnh704270a.pdf
5633PPZ516 & PPZ516BHigh Energy Extended Pulse TVS Moduleppz516_b.pdf
5050TEL185B & TEL185ETelephone Interface Protectortel185e.pdf
5049TEL50B & TEL50EPBX Low Voltage Telephone Protectortel50e_b.pdf