Key Features

TVS Diode

ProTek offers three types of TVS Diode Arrays: Standard Capacitance(less than 100pF), Low Capacitance(5-100pF) and Ultra Low Capacitance(less than 5pF). In addition, ProTek’s TVS Arrays product line provides protection from transients caused by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electrical Fast Transients (EFT), Tertiary Lightning and other induced voltages.

These devices have been tested up to 40,000 volts of contact ESD conditions. In addition, ProTek’s Standard TVS Arrays are designed to meet ESD immunity requirement IEC 61000-4-2 (Air – 15kV, Contact – 8kV), EFT immunity requirement IEC 61000-4-4 (40A, 5/50ns) and Surge (Line to Ground and Line to Line) immunity requirement IEC 61000-4-5 (Levels vary depending upon product series).

Typical STANDARD CAPACITANCE applications: Low Frequency I/O, RS-232, RS-423 Data Lines, Power Bus Lines and Industrial and Monitoring Systems. Typical ULTRA LOW CAPACITANCE applications: High-Speed Data applications such as Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base T), FireWire and USB3.1 Interfaces and HDMI 2.1 and DVI interfaces.

Product Line

Safeguard Your Interface

5133CP & CPxxC Series200 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraycp.pdf
5001DA16 SeriesHigh Powered Multi-Line TVS Arrayda16.pdf
5002DA8 SeriesHigh Powered Multi-Line TVS Arrayda8.pdf
5319DFN6-36300 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraydfn6_36.pdf
5562DFN8-36300 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraydfn8_36.pdf
5331DL0521PUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraydl0521p.pdf
5369DSOT0502Low Capacitance TVS Arraydsot0502.pdf
5266ESD4-DFNLow Capacitance TVS Arrayesd4dfn.pdf
5188ESDA05C-5Low Capacitance TVS Arrayesda05c_5.pdf
5292ESOT12LCC-1Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayesot12lcc_1.pdf
5194ESOT24LCC-2Low Capacitance TVS Arrayesot24lcc2.pdf
5183ESOT3.3LC-2Low Capacitance TVS Arrayesot33lc2.pdf
5178ESOT3.3LCCLow Capacitance TVS Arrayesot33lcc.pdf
5126GBLC & GBLCxxC SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblc.pdf
5493GBLC03CIDNHPUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblc03cidnhp.pdf
5378GBLC03CIHPUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblc03cihp.pdf
5614GBLC15CDSLAUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblc15cdsla.pdf
5304GBLCSC08CLCUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblcsc08clc.pdf
5246GBLCSCxx & GBLCSCxxC SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblcsc.pdf
5415GBLCxxCDN SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVSgblc_cdn.pdf
5604GBLCxxCDSL SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblc_cdsl.pdf
5242GBLCxxCI SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblci.pdf
5521GBLCxxCIDFN SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblc_cidfn.pdf
5611GBLCxxHP & GBLCxxCHP SeriesHigh Powered TVS Arraygblc_hp.pdf
5296GBLCxxLC and GBLCxxCLC SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygblc_lc.pdf
5340GBLLC03 & GBLLC03C200 Watt Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arraygbllc03.pdf
5003LCA SeriesHigh Powered Multi-Line TVS Arraylca.pdf
5018LCD SeriesHigh-Powered Multi-Line TVS Arraylcd.pdf
5203MSMF SeriesMulti-Line TVS Arraymsmf.pdf
5222MSMF05LCMulti-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arraymsmf05lc.pdf
5256MSMF05LCCMulti-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arraymsmf05lcc.pdf
5195MSMFxxC SeriesMulti-Line TVS Arraymsmfc.pdf
5316P0201D05CLow Capacitance Miniature TVS Arrayp0201d.pdf
5392P0402V SeriesUltra Low Capacitance ESD Protection Componentp0402v.pdf
5466P0402VP24Multilayer Polymer ESD Suppressorp0402vp24.pdf
5442P0603V24Ultra Low Capacitance ESD Protection Componentp0603v24.pdf
5302P5V0S1ULMiniature TVS Arrayp5v0s1ul.pdf
5308P5V0S1ULCMiniature TVS Arrayp5v0s1ulc.pdf
5345PAM01SC7905CUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraypam01sc7905c.pdf
5467PAM02SD23xx/C SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayspam02sd23.pdf
5347PAM03SD23xxCI SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayspam03sd23.pdf
5502PAM08SD23xx/C SeriesHigh Powered TVS Arrayspam08sd23.pdf
5354PAM10ST23xxC Series500 Watt TVS Arraypam10st23.pdf
5356PAM12SO824600 Watt Multi-Line Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arraypam12so824.pdf
5367PAM17DF2L05CLow Capacitance TVS Arraypam17df2l05c.pdf
5460PAM1CANCAN BUS ESD Protection Diodepam1can.pdf
5572PAM1IVN27ESD Protection for In-Vehicle Networkspam1ivn27.pdf
5478PAM1LIN200 Watt Asymmetrical Line Protection TVS Arraypam1lin.pdf
5366PAM21SC790501H250 Watt TVS Componentpam21sc790501h.pdf
5477PAM2CANCAN BUS ESD Protection Diodepam2can.pdf
5552PAM2LINUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraypam2lin.pdf
5564PAM3CANCAN BUS ESD Protection Diodepam3can.pdf
5651PDCHSD305 & PDCHSD305CHigh Powered TVS Arraypdchsd305.pdf
5541PDFN2-32Automation Sensor Transient and Overvoltage Protectionpdfn2-32.pdf
5528PDFN3-32Automation Sensor Transient and Overvoltage Protectionpdfn3-32.pdf
5327PDLC05Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arraypdlc.pdf
5531PESD05BESD Protection TVS Arraypesd05b.pdf
5530PESD05BLCUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraypesd05blc.pdf
5632PESD05BULCUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraypesd05bulc.pdf
5536PESD12LCBLow Capacitance TVS Arraypesd12lcb.pdf
5535PESD12ULCLow Capacitance TVS Arraypesd12ulc.pdf
5440PESD1CANCAN BUS ESD Protection Diodepesd1can.pdf
5476PESD1FLEXFLEX BUS ESD Protection Diodepesd1flex.pdf
5439PESD1LIN200 Watt Asymmetrical Line Protection TVS Arraypesd1lin.pdf
5586PESD2402CAN Bus ESD Protection Diodepesd2402.pdf
5595PESD24VESD Protection for In-Vehicle Networkspesd24v.pdf
5596PESD27VESD Protection for In-Vehicle Networkspesd27v.pdf
5469PESD2CANCAN BUS ESD Protection Diodepesd2can.pdf
5577PESD3V3Double ESD Protection Diodepesd3v3.pdf
5648PHS505/C SeriesHigh Powered Surge Protection TVS Arrayphs.pdf
5071PLC01-6High Powered Multi-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplc01_6.pdf
5173PLC03-3.3High Power Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplc03_33.pdf
5404PLC03-3.3-DFNHigh Power Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplc03_33-dfn.pdf
5587PLC03-3.3HHigh Power Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplc03_33h.pdf
5616PLC03-3.3VHigh Power Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplc03_33v.pdf
5411PLC03-xxLCHigh Power Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplc03_lc.pdf
5109PLC496500 Watt Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplc496.pdf
5076PLCDA Series500 Watt Multi-Line Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplcda.pdf
5102PLCDA-6 Series500 Watt Multi-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplcda_c6.pdf
5456PLR05039PF Unidirectional TVS Arrayplr0503.pdf
5338PLR0521Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplr0521.pdf
5549PLR05214LCUltra Low Capacitance Arrayplr05214lc.pdf
5574PLR0521EUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplr0521e.pdf
5540PLR0521UUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplr0521u.pdf
5618PLR0621Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplr0621.pdf
5622PLR1524Ultra Low Capacitance Asymmetrical TVS Arrayplr1524.pdf
5519PLR2210Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplr2210.pdf
5408PLR3311Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplr3311.pdf
5463PLRxx12 SeriesUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplr_12.pdf
5263PLW0501DMiniature TVS Arrayplw0501d.pdf
5239PLW0501H250 Watt TVS Componentplw0501h.pdf
5311PLW0501PMiniature TVS Arrayplw0501p.pdf
5275PLW1201H200 Watt TVS Componentplw1201h.pdf
5184PLW2.8Low Capacitance TVS Arrayplw28.pdf
5224PRSB6.8CLow Capacitance Miniature TVS Arrayprsb68c.pdf
5312PRSB6.8CTLow Capacitance Miniature TVS Arrayprsb68ct.pdf
5297PRSB6.8DLow Capacitance TVS Componentprsb6_8d.pdf
5118PSD & PSDxxC SeriesHigh Powered TVS Arraypsd.pdf
5507PSDxx61 SeriesHigh Powered Surge Protection TVS Arraypsd_61.pdf
5313PSDxxHP SeriesHigh Powered TVS Arraypsd_hp.pdf
5091PSLC & PSLCxxC Series350 Watt Low Capacitance TVS Arraypslc.pdf
5663PSM1KxxC SeriesHigh Power TVS Componentpsm1k_cc.pdf
5658PSM36AHigh Power TVS Arraypsm36a.pdf
5094PSM712600W TVS Array - Asymmetrical Data Line Protectorpsm712.pdf
5085PSMDA05-6350 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraypsmda_6.pdf
5083PSMDAxxC-4 Series500 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraypsmda_4.pdf
5084PSMDAxxC-8 Series450 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraypsmda_8.pdf
5123PSMF05Multi-Line TVS Arraypsmf.pdf
5095PSMS & PSMSxxC Series350 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraypsms.pdf
5059PSOT & PSOTxxC Series500W TVS Arraypsot.pdf
5289PSOT05CLP300W TVS Arraypsot05clp.pdf
5259PSOT05LCC300 Watt TVS Arraypsotlcc.pdf
5388PSOT05ULCUltra Low Capacitance TVS Arraypsot05ulc.pdf
5605PSOTxx3/C3 Series300 Watt TVS Arraypsot_3.pdf
5108PSOTxxKCA Series300W TVS Arraypsot_kca.pdf
5066PSOTxxLC Series500 Watt Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arraypsotlc.pdf
5336PSSB05PUltra Low Capacitance - Super Speed Bus Protection TVS Arraypssb05p.pdf
5532PTVSxxA Series3000W TVS Arrayptvs_a.pdf
5656PVCOM24High Powered Surge Protection TVS Arraypvcom24.pdf
5272RSB6.8BLow Capacitance TVS Arrayrsb6_8b.pdf
5249RSB6.8GLow Capacitance TVS Arrayrsb68g.pdf
5176RSB6.8SLow Capacitance TVS Arrayrsb6_8s.pdf
5143SLVDA2.8LC600 Watt Multi-Line Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayslvda2_8lc.pdf
5135SLVU2.8600 Watt Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayslvu2_8.pdf
5142SLVU2.8-4600 Watt Multi-Line Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayslvu2_84.pdf
5474SLVU2.8-4G600 Watt Multi-Line Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayslvu28_4g.pdf
5635SLVU2.8-4LC600 Watt Multi-Line Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayslvu2_8-4lc.pdf
5181SLVU2.8-8600 Watt Multi-Line Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayslvu28_8.pdf
5329SLVU2.8-8G500 Watt Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayslvu288g.pdf
5035SM14MxxC Series800 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraysm14.pdf
5147SM16 & SM16xxC Series500 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraysm16.pdf
5051SM16LC & SM16LCxxC Series500 Watt Multi-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arraysm16lc.pdf
5019SM8LC Series800 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraysm8lc.pdf
5031SMDA & SMDAxxC Series500 Watt TVS Arraysmda.pdf
5148SMDAxx-6 Series300 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arrayssmda_6.pdf
5070SMDAxxCM Series500 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraysmda_cm.pdf
5127SMDAxxCN-5 Series500 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraysmdacn.pdf
5074SMDAxxLC & SMDAxxLCC Series500 Watt Multi-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arraysmdalc.pdf
5166SMDB & SMDBxxC Series800 Watt TVS Arraysmdb.pdf
5599SMDB712CBidirectional Asymmetrical TVS Arraysmdb712c.pdf
5138SMFxxC SeriesMulti-Line TVS Arraysmfc.pdf
5105SMLCxxC-2 SeriesHigh Powered Multi-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arraysmlc_c2.pdf
5088SMP6LCxx-2P SeriesHigh Powered Multi-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arraysmp6lc.pdf
5412SMP6LLCxx-2P SeriesHigh Powered Multi-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arraysmp6llc.pdf
5132SMS & SMSxxC Series350 Watt Multi-Line TVS Arraysms.pdf
5205USB04 & USB04xxC Series350 Watt Low Capacitance TVS Arrayusb04.pdf
5322USB508 Series500 Watt Multi-Line Ultra Low Capacitance TVS Arrayusb508.pdf
5120VS10P03LCLow Capacitance VSIP TVS Arrayvs10p03lc.pdf
5062VSB06P05LCIHigh Powered VSIP TVS Arrayvsb06p.pdf
5015VSIP SeriesHigh Powered Multi-Line VSIP TVS Arrayvsip.pdf
5257VSMF05LCMulti-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arrayvsmf05lc.pdf
5258VSMF05LCCMulti-Line Low Capacitance TVS Arrayvsmf05lcc.pdf